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    The use of full swing tugs

    1.For the Cape Town ship by the dock: due to the Cape Town type ships are reduced into the river, the freeboard is higher, plus the tugboat cable should be brought early. Maritime Bureau expert group asked three large horsepower tugs to help, with a tug can be a one after the other can also be two before and after a two before the pull of a top, so save the tug from top to pull when the cable time The Due to the high tide tide dock, but also because of the relationship between the large ship ship type (square coefficient of 0.8 or so; too large; aspect ratio 6.0 - 76, small; wide and draft than large), the ship speed at full speed reversing Only 30% of the full speed into the car. So should be slow down early, stop, if necessary, periodically around the rudder to control the speed of the ship. Near the pier before the use of the boat reversing and tugs posted on the side of the combination of the method is more practical: (set the starboard side of the terminal, the tug with the port side), such as the ship bow inward deflection is too fast, the first tugboat plus car pull, Speed ??control and can suppress the first right partial speed. Due to the ship reversing the tail and the spiral effect of the right side of the right to push the tail to the left, then the tail drag vertical to overcome the lateral force. On the contrary, the stern tug pulled, the ship to open the reverse, the bow tug vertical top to achieve the purpose of deceleration and control deflection. But also double drag at the same time along the pull but the two towers different speed to control. Near the dock when the tug with the car should be the first slow after the slow, control the number of close to the angle and the speed of the ship so that the ship slowly paste the terminal, first with the first tail down the cable control position. Such as by the flow of water or a few meters before and after the move is not the car, because the ship started, stop more difficult to control, can be used to adjust the tail tails. If the ship to move after a few meters can make the bow tug top in the tip of the vertical position in the hull plus the roof (not perpendicular to the big bow line), tail tug a small car can make the boat slowly after the shift in place after the tug , Perpendicular to the first tail to withstand the cable. From the wharf: after the tug of the tug after the tug should be a little greeting angle, to prevent the ship by the flow and drift down, the bow after the opening of the first 3 to the first file stalls, so that the first one pull a bow, The rudder of the ship can quickly fall off into the sewer.

    2.For the Panama type and the following ships can also be used by the above method, but the draft of more than 10.5 meters when the boat berthing due to early control of the ship speed, in order to improve the tug of the roof effect. Close to the pier when the effect of the shore so that the bow side of the bow, even if the bow tug full speed is also no significant effect, this time should be timely operation of the rudder to open a car to be controlled.

    3.For ships of small ships, especially between 85 and 130 meters, a tug can be used normally. But the case of a strong blow or blowing wind, water embarrassment, which side of the dock by the terminal, no carrier tugs do not control the operation of the pilots when the operation of the greater difficulties. In order to reduce the above unfavorable factors on the impact of berthing, Xiaobian summed up the flexible use of tugs, and the use of proven methods are as follows (requires full swing double handle tug, horsepower appropriate):

    1) by dock. Flow conditions: down less than 2 or water (emergency or heavy load on the request to increase the tug horsepower); blowing wind or blowing wind, you can also flow downstream can also be docked. Method: If the starboard is docked by the wharf, the tugboat is located on the port side of the first or first class, and the length of the towline is adjusted so that the tires are about 1/3 of the front of the ship (before the center of gravity), decelerated ahead of the berth, , As far as possible parallel to the berth, to maintain the appropriate horizontal distance to reach the lower berth, so that the trolley right car down, left the car rudder placed in the parking spaces, according to the ship's forward speed tugs right car can be down one to three, according to the bow Left and right deflection speed so that the tug left car plus car, slow down or even row. Force analysis: the ship by the inertia and the impact of water and forward, the tug after the right car reversing the bow by the oblique left after the pull, the decomposition of the bow on the tail of the back of the pull (so that the boat down or even retreat) And the first left lateral tension (due to the center of gravity before the left to the left of the transshipment torque), the left side of the left crossbar to make the tail of the tail before the center of gravity (to produce the right transshipment torque, to resist the left Of the transshipment moment, and even the left car plus the car to make the left greater than the left and right of the ship), this time the ship moving forward speed and gradually retreat speed, the bow to the right deflected to the berth. At this time the ship into the car and the appropriate left rudder (rudder to the left of the transshipment torque to resist the right side of the bow, the rudder force to produce positive thrust does not make the ship back), timely adjustment of the vehicle speed and tugs right reverse Berth flag when the speed is zero. Timely adjustment of the rudder angle and tug the left side of the speed of the ship so that the ship has been parallel with the berth, near the terminal when the tug of the tug left car parked (off), the ship to correct the rudder to the right rudder to resist the ship to the right transversal inertia, Restore the above operation so that the ship arrives at the pier. Before the cable before and after the cable on the cable and twist, the tug of the right car stop (off), the left car to continue to cross the boat to send the first cable and twist, tail cable when the tail stream due to drift drift Stern and propeller, do not use reversing. During the whole process of the dock the ship has been carried into the car until the cable down. The cable is properly lifted. Note: the tail of the tug with the tail of the ship in the focus of the location of the ship should be appropriate; heavy ship began to move inward when the inertia of large, should be early control; flow rate when the top must rely on; If the bow on the dock and the stern can not get into, do not solve the first drag to the top of the stern and make the trailer attached to the stern of the ship outside the roof of the roof can be about; in the forward speed Faster when the tug can also be called by the crossbar to reverse or placed between the two. The above method is not good in the surrounding environment, poor air flow, no load or semi-loaded sea liner when the ride is better control, tug operation is also simple, do not swing the position, do not pull or top, the ship berthing attitude by the impact of the wind small.

    2) from the pier (with starboard on the dock). No load blowing wind down the head open water: tugs on the port side of a cabin main deck, before and after the single tie, the end of the cable and then cable, the stern reel after the tug after the eight-character oblique pull, the first head down cable force After the outside, the tugs continue to pull, the stern gradually open, if the wind is too large open to make the tugs oblique angle a little bigger, the boat right full rudder to open a car, so that the stern welcoming and gradually wind, Timely lifting the cable and then re-connected cable, the ship to open the reverse, the use of tail to find the wind and the backwash of the spiral effect of the lateral force so that the tail Yang Yang, tugs head or pull the head directly to the car out. In the tug when the towing attention to the cable and cable to the power of the situation, to prevent slipping or broken cable. When the single tied to stay a little head of the cable and cable down.

    No load blowing wind down the head of the water: the tug on the port side of the bow, before and after the single tie, right full rudder, solve the first cable and then solve the cable, the bow after the reel to the rear of the tug after the pull or attached to the boat After the pull, the stern down the cable after the bow of the ship, the tug continues to pull, the stern tail cable gradually Panasonic, the solution tail cable twisted in time. Right full rudder micro into the car, down cable Panasonic is solution off, called the terminal sailor rope do not throw into the water, timely twisted into. Tractor oblique pull, the speed increases, the boat right full rudder into the car leaving the pier, rudder with U-turn or direct water, the tugboat. 4. Calculation of the total drag force required for the operation of the vessel The tugs used with several tugs and the total number of horsepower are different depending on the situation in each port, that is, the safety and the inability to use too much. The following formula is for reference only: tug total drag force (tons) = 60 × (ship load weight / 10) +40 ship load unit for the million tons; tug total horsepower = tug total drag force × 100 in the actual tug of the use of the process Also need to consider the tugboat age, power to play the situation, the strength of the streamer and the actual host power. Usually we talk about the tug horsepower for the tugs pay horsepower, it also includes auxiliary equipment and other equipment power. Charged horsepower = rated host power (1 + 10%); such as 4400 horsepower tug of its host horsepower is about 4000 or so.

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