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    Steerprop introduced permanent magnet propeller

    The propeller manufacturing company, Steerprop, has joined forces to develop permanent magnet technology for its large counterweight thruster (CRP).

    According to Jussi Sepplie, general manager of the Steerprop Propulsion Manufacturing Company, the demand for more compact designs and more efficient pushers on the market has driven the company's new demand for the CRP ECO.

    Jussi Puranen of Switch Company explained that in conventional synchronous generators, although the magnetic field is generated by the rotor winding feed current, the huge magnetic field pole will bring loss and complexity to the system. In contrast, by replacing a permanent magnet of a rotor around a hollow cylinder, reducing parts and losses and increasing efficiency and generating instantaneous torque will produce a simpler and more efficient magnetic field.

    There are some design advantages of permanent magnet: permanent magnet propeller volume than conventional synchronous generator will be 30% to 50%, the weight will be reduced by up to 40%, in part because of the use of the control rotor design. This design will further reduce the inertia, which is to reduce the shaft vibration to consider a focus.

    The Steerprop Propulsion Manufacturing Company's CRP ECO LM thruster is a fully mechanized propeller with a motor and a flexible shafting vibration. The propeller has many advantages: not only can it simplify and reduce maintenance, but also has a hollow "donut" rotor that will help the shaft to align with the center.

    For the sake of ease of installation, everything is integrated with a package. In addition, installing the motor above the waterline means that it will be easily accessible.

    The power of the new high-power CRP ECO permanent magnet propulsion provided by Steerprop Propulsion Manufacturing is 5MW to more than 10MW and the power of the low-power CRP ECO permanent magnet propeller is 0.8-1.2MW and 3MW.

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